There’s nothing like perfectly shaped brows – they not only open up the eyes but can literally take years off in a matter of minutes.

  • Threading £8.50  / Waxing 10mins – £ 9.00
  • Eye brow tint 10mins – £ 9.00
  • Eye lash tint 15mins – £ 12.00
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tint 15mins – £15.50
  • HD Brows – the celebrity secret is out! For defined brows that will be the envy of all your friends! A 7 step program all in one 30-45mins £29.50



About Waxing
PHD Warm Wax Our normal ‘PHD wax’ uses an ultra-hygienic, disposable applicator system. There is no risk that wax can be contaminated with dead skin cells.

Peron Rigot Comfort Hot Wax We have researched and found “Peron Rigot Comfort Hot wax’ to reduce discomfort for those who find waxing a particularly sensitive subject! You need to try it to believe the difference -especially for bikini waxing and although it is more expensive, it’s worth the extra pennies to reduce the ‘ouch’ factor! It does take a little longer though. If you would like to try our Comfort Hot wax be sure to specify when booking your appointment. TRUST US! You may have heard the horror stories about people being ripped to shreds by inexperienced therapists who don’t know, nor care what they’re doing, but you’re in safe hands with us, we are fully trained and use the best wax on the market. TOP TIP: Exfoliating the night or morning before your appointment will give better results!

PLEASE NOTE: HOT WAX IS EXTREME INTIMATE WAXING If you’re having Extreme Waxing, you’ll need to get naked from the waist down to get a perfect wax, so you need to leave your modesty at the door. Asking to leave your underwear on is a bit like going to the hairdressers and asking to leave your hat on.

Bikini Waxing

We offer 5 different types of bikini was to cater for all our clients.

Brighton Beach (Outside knicker line.)

Warm Wax: £ 9.50 Comfort Hot Wax: Not Available

Monte Carlo (High sides, underneath)

Warm Wax: £15.00 Comfort Hot Wax: £30.00

Brazilian (Strip, top, underneath [Comfort Hot Wax includes butt crack])

Warm Wax: £18.00 Comfort Hot Wax: £36.00

Tiffany Box (Butt crack, inner/outer labia, landing box, buttocks if needed)

Warm Wax: Not Available Comfort Hot Wax: £38.00

Hollywood ([All off] Butt crack, inner/outer labia, all pubic hair, buttocks if needed)

Warm Wax: Not Available Comfort Hot Wax: £39.00

We offer a full range of waxing services at Utopia using Phd, the ultra-hygienic, disposable applicator system.

  • Lip £ 5.00
  • Chin £ 5.00
  • Lip & Chin £ 9.00
  • Underarm £ 8.00
  • Arm £15.00
  • Full Leg £21.00
  • Half leg £15.00
  • Chest Wax from £20
  • Back wax from £25


Hands and Feet

Gelac Nail Polish 45mins from £29.5

Manicures and Pedicures

File & Polish Hands 15mins £13.00

Toe Tidy 15mins £15.00

Manicure 45mins £23.00

Luxury Manicure 60mins £28.00

Pedicure 45mins £33.00

Luxury Pedicure 60mins £38.00

Nail Enhancements

Full Set Acrylic or Gel  75mins from £45.00

In Fills 60mins from £28.00

Nail Overlays 75mins from £32.00

Nail Repairs 15mins from £ 3.00

Soak Off 20mins £10.00

Sole Smoothie – Remove hard skin from those hard working feet seeing is believing with this treatment – just thirty minute to a new pair of tootsies!!! 30mins £24.00


Dr. Des Fernandes of Environ Video




Turn Back Time 
The ultimate in anti aging

90mins  – 42   Course of 6 845

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

if you suffer from rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation (brown age spots) open pores, wrinkles & fine lines or just need a good all over revitalising them find our what this treatment can do for you

from 149     Course of 6  739

Environ Rejuvenating Facial
an alternative if you are contra indicated the electrical
1hr – £45

Environ Platinum Treatment 90mins – £80  Course of 6 399
For dry, dull or lack lustre skin will leave you positively glowing.

Environ Gold Treatment (10 areas) 90mins – £65
(This description for 3 and 10 areas) packed with nourishing anti ageing
ingredients the active vitamin treatment will leave you skin looking radiant and
dewy. Suitable for all skin types but particularly sun damage, pigmentation,
premature ageing, dryness, uneven skin tone and scaring.

Environ Silver Treatment (3 areas) 60mins – £49

The Frown Treatment 45mins – £80
Highly effective treatment focusing on frown area – using penta peptide serum
to achieve a dramatic result.

Skin Clearing 45mins – £45
For problem skin this gentle treatment will clear the complexion and calm

Environ Super Results 25mins – £38
For when time is of the essence.

Photo Rejuvenation Facial £250
If you suffer from acne, rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation (brown age spots)
open pores, wrinkles & fine lines or just need a good all over revitalising then
find out what this treatment can do for you. Consultation is free.
For best results these facials work best when taken as part of a course – please
ask your skin care therapist.