Massage has been used for centuries to create a balance between the inner and outer body. The oldest of all forms of healthcare, it has been mentioned in ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian texts.

Utopia Aromatherapy Massage 60mins – £44 Course of 6 £219

A concentrated blend of essential oil extracts release their soothing properties into the skin during our aromatherapy massage. We will ease your muscle tension- perfect for relieving stress.

Indian Head Massage 40mins – £33  Course of 6 £164

Drawing inspiration from oriental techniques this massage has been created for scalp, nape of neck, shoulders and upper back to create a state of complete relaxation.

Lava Shells Massage – Sir Alan Sugars favourite…..

Back 30mins – £33  Course of 6 £165

Utopia Well Being Massage 

Back 30mins – £29  Course of 6 £139

Full Body 60mins – £39 Course of 6 £195

Release all your tension and leave feeling more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.

Relaxing Rose Pregnancy Massage – Specially adapted for pregnant or nursing mums

70mins £45