Your Utopians

I always love coming to Utopia, Luisa and the girls are so friendly


So I am Luisa and I started Utopia 13 Years ago. What can I tell you about me? My favourite treatments are pedicures & massage. I love to eat spicy food and cups of tea (together yes!)

Hiya, I am Sham otherwise known as Punchie or Shamoo.

i love dancing I am crazy about cars and my favourite food is Caribbean (especially hard food)

my favourite treatments are massage and brows and I like working at Utopia because of the great atomosphere.

Hello, I am Catherine, but you can call me Cath. I am a 2nd year apprentice and a newish Utopian.

I have a habit of laughing and not being able stop. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats, a Bengal, a Siamese and an oriental. My favourite treatments are Gelac, Hot Wax and Brows