There are some very sure signs it’s time to change your beautician, after all you are trusting them with your face, skin, brows, well being & best kept secrets!

Do you leave your salon feeling you didn’t get quite what you wanted? Perhaps your treatment felt indifferent?

So even if you really like your beautician these are the signs that just can’t be ignored!!!

  1. They don’t ask the right questions
  2. They don’t listen to what you say
  3. They don’t get to the bottom of your life style needs and how much ( or little) time you have
  4. They don’t do a consultation at all ( this one really gets me annoyed)
  5. They don’t ask how you got on since your last appointment

This means you will never be understood or get the results you want.

All Utopians are chosen for their warm, friendly, caring nature and they are trained to always do a 7 point (at least) consultation for EVERY treatment you have, because we want you to leave happy and that in turn makes us beam too 😃.

If you have any questions about this or would like to receive our unique 7 step consultation please get in touch – we love to help 🤗

Luisa & The Utopians

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