Summer at Utopia has been crazy busy! But summer is over, & we are now prepping for winter! So its back to blogging every week for me, to keep everyone in the loop about what’s happening here at Utopia!

So yes, our summer is over but the good news is, this time of year is the best time to take advantage of our advanced IPL hair removal system & you could be half way to hair free by Christmas!

All of us have questions about hair removal, whether its waxing or IPL, we want to know exactly what’s going to happen, and how.

IPL is a form of permanent hair reduction, and is often put under the same category as Laser, but IPL is actually safer, & better as it can safely and effectively treat all skin types & colours.

So how does it work? An intense burst of light is produced from the machine, which travels down the hair and converts into heat. Effective IPL destroys the hair follicle, and leaves the skin unharmed.

Below is a before & after picture of one of my ladies who has had her underarms treated, and her testimonial…

ipl before and after underarm

“I started having IPL because I was sick of having to wax every 4 weeks. Teri explained a large amount of my hair would be reduced and she was right. The best part was not having to grow my hair, I could shave in between treatments, and my legs are next on the list. Thanks utopia”

Claire Hilditch, Selly Oak

IPL is quick, practically pain free, & effective. Almost all areas of the face & body can be treated & we use clinical grade, reputable machines that deliver superior results.

IPL is my favourite treatment, so I want to get my columns as booked up with it as possible! So, in celebration of our 10th birthday, I am offering some amazing offers including half price courses! for a limited time only!

What to do next? Call me! & book your £25 patch test and consultation in, and you could be half way to hair free by Christmas! & I get to spend the miserable winter months doing my favourite treatment 😉

Speak soon! Teri xx