spatFor those of you who haven’t tried it, waxing can be a sore subject (I’d imagine some of you are crossing your legs right now at the sheer thought!)

At Utopia, we pride ourselves on our waxing expertise, knowing that we are providing a comfortable wax with minimal pain, and our hygiene level is the cherry on the top!

Although it can be one of the first things they teach you when you train to wax, not all therapists/salons adhere to the golden rule: NEVER DOUBLE DIP.

What am I talking about? Spatulas.

Once a spatula has touched anyone here, its next journey is straight to the bin! to avoid any cross-contamination between clients. Do we go through hundreds, if not thousands of spatulas a week? Probably. But we are keeping your wax hygienic!

So, who am I kidding? Its waxing. It’s pulling more than one hair out and one time, and we are doing it quick. So, no. It’s not completely pain free. But we have put a lot of effort and research into finding the best wax, to provide the best waxing experience whether it’s a leg wax, or something more intimate, the dreaded bikini line.

For our more intimate waxes, (FYI we have 5 bikini wax styles and 2 waxes to choose from) we use Peron Rigot Comfort Hot Wax, with a honey-like texture for comfortable application. Oil is applied to the area first, avoiding any wax from sticking to the skin, only the hair & it leaves a clean, smooth finish.

Avoid the horror stories, and that sick feeling you get within 4-6 weeks when your due an appointment, pop in & see us for a hot wax.

You have to try it to believe it.

When we are not using hot wax, we are using our Phd system. The ultra-hygienic, disposable applicator waxing system, again using new applicators for each client.

Leg wax, bikini line, or underarms; Regular ‘waxers’ or new to the game; we offer each client the most comfortable, trustworthy service possible, making that sore subject, well, not so sore 😉


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