Confessions of a Beauty Therapist

My post today is inspired by the slice of lemon drizzle cake beside me, and rather tasty it is too with my cup of builders tea!.

So how did this lemon wonder spark a post called confessions?

Stay with me and it will all make sense. You see my confession is I did not become a beauty therapist to paint the best nails in town. I wouldn’t say I am into beauty at all, yes I can tell you how to stop hormonal breakouts and where you need to place the arch in your brows but that’s not my why.   I work in a salon because I want to make a small difference,  be the smile amongst the stern. You see happiness matters and being a therapist gives me a chance to be the best part of someone’s day. Am I saving lives? doing pioneering work? Not at all.

Back to the sponge beside me soaked in a lemony nectar – well it’s a thank you from Sophie who I have met because her dad Paddy uses Utopia.  I haven’t really done anything but she wanted to bake this for us. What I really have to say is thank you Sophie and Sarah you made my day, week and some.  Little things mean a lot so watch out for me paying forward with some extra touches for you Utopia.

Oh and another confession I am a sugar addict!!!!   So must go now the kettle is boiled and  second slice of drizzle is calling me. 

Have a great day.

Luisa xxx

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