imagesHO7I4OA5A good way to stick to you New Years Resolution? Plan ahead!

So, for most people it’s to lose weight, quit smoking etc. But, if yours is for better skin, come in and see us!

Christmas is just over a week away, and then… Its January, and after all the shopping, bad food, (yummy though, I know!) and the weather getting worse, we’re whacking the heating on and your skin is feeling the pressure.

Dry skin, sensitivity, breakouts… can all be sorted with a treatment plan and home care regime that’s tailored specifically to you and your skin concerns. Don’t have much time in the mornings rushing to work and/or take the kids to school on time? That’s fine! Let us know, and we can plan treatments around your schedule.

In 2015, we will have some amazing facial and skin care offers available here at Utopia, whether its skin clearing using our vitamin based Environ range, or a photofacial course for general rejuvenation using our top of the range IPL machine, OR BOTH!

You don’t have to wait until January to start your skin journey, you can book right now! Our January offer “Zit Happens”  for skin clearing is already going quick and there are limited appointments available.

Everyone’s skin has a story, and next year I will be writing about certain case studies to show you how we work with the skin and our products to get the best results possible, and that it works! This will include Luisa’s photofacial course, and Tracey’s nutrition story.

“Don’t have time for a facial”? “Only want to use products at home”? “Don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your skin”? “Nothing’s worked before, why will it now?”

Come in and see us, have a chat with us, trust us.

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